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Automatic Girth (AGW) Welder - Automatic Wirefeeders


  • Cuts Storage Tank Welding Time Up to 40%
  • Self-Propelled Carriage
  • Operator Controlled Speeds from 4 to 105 IPM
  • Handles Plates 6 ft to 10 ft High, as Thick as 2"
  • Weld Tanks from the Largest to as Small as 40 ft in Diameter

  • Operating at speeds from four to 105 inches per minute, the AGW can handle plates as thick as 2 inches and tank diameters from the largest to as small as 30 feet. The adjustable A-frame telescopes manually to handle six- to 10-feet high steel plates. Ergonomically designed for efficiency, convenience, and accessibility, the AGW includes the Lincoln NA-3 solid state control and welding head fitted with nozzles, wire feed rolls, straighteners and 50 lb wire reels for either single or twin-arc wire.
    The submerged arc flux belt mechanism ensures retention of the flux at the joint for efficient recycling. It is available as a single-sided or dual-sided mobile welding station completely equipped with welding heads, all controls, flux support belts and flux recovery units and welding power source. The AGW straddles the tank shell plates, riding on serrated steel drive wheels that can be adjusted for tank diameter. The AGW operator platform is a sturdy and solid workstation with guardrails and all-weather curtains for operator safety and comfort. The double platform is fully equipped with its own direction and speed controls. An access ladder allows movement to the primary flux separator tank and to the side of the dual unit.

    Comes complete with a Red-D-Arc DC600 or DC1000 power source. Installation and set-up technicians for AGW girth welders are available at additional cost.

    • Effectively cuts welding time up to 40%
    • Adjustable frame for plates 6ft to 10ft tall (1.8m-3m)
    • Unlimited tank diameters down to 15’ in diameter
    • High / low rapid travel select controls
    • Self propelled at speeds from 4 to 105 IPM
    • Plates up to 2” thick
    • Single and Double sided operation

    • Adjustable tubular frame for plates 6ft to 10ft tall (1.8m-3.05m)
    • Min. 20ft(6.1m) to an Unlimited tank diameter range
    • Travel speeds 4-105 ipm(.10-2.67 m/min)
    • Speed, direction and rapid travel select controls (Master side)
    • Average welding speed is approximately 30 ipm(.762 m/min) with a deposition rate of 11# per hour. (per side)

    Accessories:   Welding wire and other consumables sold separately

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