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Automatic Vertical Up (VUP) Welder

Top Features

  • Single pass automatic welding system
  • X-Ray Quality Welds
  • Unlimited tank diameters

The Ransome VUP single pass automatic welding system delivers faster, consistent, x-ray quality vertical welds on field erected storage tanks and other applications. The VUP can handle vertical joint welding on plates 3/8" to 1" thick 6 ft to 10 ft high.

  VUP Spec Sheet
English PDF2  Tank Fabrication Brochure
English PDF3  Red-D-Arc AGW Hotline

Product Details


The Automatic Vertical Up (VUP) Welder consists of:

  • Lincoln NA3 Wire Feeder
  • Lincoln NA-3 Control
  • Lincoln DC-1000 Power Source
  • Vertical Support Column
  • Front and Rear Sliding Shoe
  • Water Recirculator
  • Power Skid
  • Lifting Bale
  • Input Power Disconnect
  • 200 Feet of Control Cable
  • Tropicalized Controls
  • Manual or Powered Lateral Travel
  • Operators Manual
  • Tool Kit

Additional Features

With the optional oscillator, plates from 1-1/4" to 2" can be joined together using the Ransome VUP. The power supply consists of a skid-mounted Lincoln DC-1000 with NA3 control and water flow panel. The standard Lincoln NR-431/NR-432 Innershield processes offer significant savings, providing deposition rates of 48 lbs/hr. The VUP is also ideal for other applications, including shipbuilding and manipulator-mounted butt-welding of 6 ft to 50 ft vertical plates. The VUP sturdy mainframe features a vertical column mounted on a carriage and roller assembly that rides on the top of tank plates. Its self-locking gear reducer with variable speed drive is electronically integrated with the welding control, which automatically adjusts speed to maintain the optimum copper-shoe-to-weld puddle relationship. The lift controls include an up/down switch, low/high speed potentiometers and rapid speed selector. Requiring just one operator, the VUP can complete 10 to 12 vertical seams per work shift.

Portable Track-Guided VUP Welding System
The Track-Guided VUP is a versatile, easy-to-use, easy-to-set-up system for in-plant vertical-up applications. It is ideal for accurate seam welding of gaped square butt and single vee-welds on plates from 3/8" to 4" and up to six feet in height. Additional track is available in six-foot heights. The VUP consists of a vertical track, a powered carriage with special Lincoln nozzle, oscillator for plates up to 4" thick, water-cooled copper dam, nozzle and seam cross, and in-out adjustment. It features the Lincoln LN9V or NA5 solid-state control and wire feeder with 50 lb. reel. This model is wheel-mounted for in-plant mobility. All parameters can be preset to monitor current, voltage and wire speed. A copper dam is automatically maintained in a fixed relation to the weld puddle. A flow regulator along with a switch in the water cooling circuit protect against no- or low-flow. The Lincoln DC1000 power supply features multi-conductor cables to supply control functions and 25 ft of double 4/0 ground cable standard. Assembly includes water hoses, wire feeder pressure rolls and inlet/outlet guides for either 3/32" or .120" diameter wire fed through 15 ft conduit.

Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

Water re-circulator cooler system
Skid for power supply and water re-circulator
Power lateral travel
Nozzle oscillator for plates 1-1/4" to 2" thick

Wiring for other-than-standard or 50Hz
Additional track for welds taller than six feet
Electrical other than 230/460-3ph-60Hz, or other-than-standard wiring
Wiring for cable spans longer than 200 ft (61 m)

Automatic Vertical Up (VUP) Welder

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