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Welding Equipment

We're experts in helping you procure the right equipment for your business. Our range of rental welding equipment includes engine driven welders (diesel, gas, LPG), stick welders, wirefeeders, MIG welders, spoolguns, TIG welders, stud welders and more. We serve industries of all sizes including oilfield, pipeline, construction, wind energy, manufacturing and steel fabrication.


Gas Engine Welders

    Our gas engine-driven welders are great for remote jobs and construction sites and come in different amperages and wattage so you have DC and/or AC power for welding and AC power for your worklights, air compressors, grinders or anything else that needs electrical

LPG Engine Welders

    LPG engine-driven welders capable of high quality multi-process welding. Fuel efficient, portable DC and/or AC welding machines which also provide auxiliary power

Diesel Engine Welders

    Diesel engine-driven welders and generators with multi-process welding capabilities and auxiliary power output, our portable machines are built for the toughest welding situations

Stick Welders

    Red-D-Arc rents stick welders and stick welding equipment (SMAW, MMAW, MMA Welding) that provide excellent performance and versatility. Rent a stand alone stick welder or look at check out our multi-operator paks for larger steel construction and metal fabrication jobs.

Multi-Process Welders

    Red-D-Arc carries several multi-process welders offering premium versatility. These machines are capable of handling processes such as Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux-Cored and Air Carbon Arc Gouging

PipeWorx Welding Systems

    PipeWorx multi-process pipe welders are specifically designed for the pipe welding professional. In the shop or onsite, these systems are engineered to help pipe welders produce consistent welds, efficiently.

Advanced Process Welders

    Advanced process welders offering premium versatility, these machines are capable of handling Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux-Cored and Air Carbon Arc Gouging processes while offering rugged durability

Multi-Operator Welders

    Red-D-Arc carries multi-operator welding systems in 4Pak, 6Pak and 8Pak configurations. The multi-operator MX350 multi-weld DC converter provides a unique, portable solution for energy efficient multi-process welding.

MIG Packages

    Red-D-Arc carries several MIG packages which come equipped with extras such as drive roll kits, Flometer regulators, ground cables and clamps, and gas hoses

Semiautomatic Wirefeeders

    Built specifically to offer versatility and portability, Red-D-Arc offers several semiautomatic wirefeeders ideal for use in field construction, field fabrication, and shipyards

Spoolguns, Push-Pull Guns

    Spool Gun machines ideal for use with aluminum and soft alloys. Standard spool-type options as well as air-cooled and water-cooled push-pull options are available

MIG Wirefeeder Welders

    A range wirefeeder rental welders offering the capability of MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, TIG, and Pulsed MIG processes providing high quality welds and increased control over the welding arc.

Automatic Wirefeeders

    Automatic wirefeeders are ideal for heavy duty fabrication and assembly line production, depositing more metal at faster travel speeds to help increase production and cut costs

TIG Welders

    Red-D-Arc offers TIG Welders and welding equipment that provide excellent welding performance, contact and versatility combined with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of metals.

Stud Welders

    Red-D-Arc offers a range of fully regulated, user-friendly stud welders, stud welding machines and equipment available in single or dual gun versions and varying duty cycles

Submerged Arc Welders

    The primary advantages of sub arc welding are efficiency and quality. When large amounts of filler material are required the sub arc process provides high deposition rates with deep weld penetration.

Welding Accessories

    Red-D-Arc offers accessories including welding cables complete with quick release connectors at varying lengths and remote output current/voltage controls
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Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation's leading single-source supplier of gases, welding and safety products. Known locally nationwide, our distribution network serves more than one million customers of all sizes with a broad offering of top-quality products and unmatched expertise.