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Weld Automation

Red-D-Arc offers a wide selection of welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls and other weld automation products available for rent, lease and sale. Our experts are ready to help.

Custom Packages

Get a turnkey automation solution for your business.



    Red-D-Arc supplies a wide range of welding positioners available for sale, rent and lease. Positioners are an important part of the welding automation process offering increased safety and efficiency. The weldment is held firmly in place and easily rotated to the best angle for welding.

Headstock and Tailstock

    Headstock and Tailstock positioners generally handle the rotation of long work pieces around a horizontal centerline.


    Welding manipulators are used to maximize the quality and efficiency of welding tasks, achieving more consistency than even a highly skilled welder, especially on repetitive welding tasks

Turning Rolls

    Red-D-Arc offers turning rolls to accommodate the rotation of pipes, pressure vessels and tanks of varying diameters and weights safely and with less worker fatigue

Fit Up Bed Rollers

    Fit up bed rollers are used to align the butting walls of two joining sections which are out-of-round or do not perfectly match. A time-saving system ideal for the manufacturing of large connected vessels

Growing Line Systems

    Growing lines facilitate the efficient production of large diameter, tubular work pieces and are typically used in wind tower manufacturing.

TIG Cladding Systems

    Red-D-Arc automated TIG cladding turn-key packages include specified power source, wire-feed unit and hot-wire power source with touch controls

Cutting Tables

    Red-D-Arc specializes in sales, repair, service and integration of CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment with over 20 years of experience.

Storage Tank Fabrication

    Red-D-Arc carries the Koike Aronson / Ransome line of tank fabrication equipment; designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous applications.

Xiris Weld Monitoring

    Safely and properly verify equipment setup, monitor weld quality and alert the operator to other welding issues before they result in production problems

Automatic Wirefeeders

    Automatic wirefeeders are ideal for heavy duty fabrication and assembly line production, depositing more metal at faster travel speeds to help increase production and cut costs

Flux Recovery Systems

    Flux recovery systems remove unused flux, slag or fused particles from the work and separate the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use

Submerged Arc Systems

    Red-D-Arc offers complete submerged arc (SAW) welding systems available for sale, lease and rent. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to provide you with the most suitable sub arc welding system regardless of size or complexity.

Seam Welders

    Seam Welders are an efficient and consistent method of producing linear welds using processes such as Submerged Arc, MIG, TIG and Plasma welding. Red-D-Arc offers a complete line of Seam Welders, available for sale and lease.
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