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Specialty Equipment

For equipment found outside the typical welding equipment catalogue, Red-D-Arc offers a list of Welding-Related specialty equipment to tackle any welding project. From air compressors to mobile workplace lighting solutions to oxy-fuel cutting equipment we've got the rental equipment you need.


Air Carbon Arc Gouging

    Air carbon arc gouging equipment uses a process that is flexible, efficient, and cost effective on practically any metal; carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferrous alloys

Air Compressors

    Red-D-Arc offers a variety of efficient and dependable air compressors, ideal for applications such as general construction, abrasive blasting and pneumatic tool operation

Electrode Ovens

    Red-D-Arc carries several models of fully insulated electrode ovens designed to remove excess moisture from welding electrodes, offering temperatures as high as 550 *F

Flux Holding Ovens

    Red-D-Arc offers fully-insulated flux holding ovens capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 550 *F to keep flux in its dry state or to dry out flux that has picked up moisture

Gas Cylinder Cages

    Red-D-Arc carries the CC20 compressed gas cylinder cage, designed for secure storage of up to twenty cylinders. The cage is all-steel tube and plate construction with lifting eye and fork tubes

Hole Watch Systems

    Hole Watch Video Monitoring systems are a vital part of on-site safety whenever workers are entering confined workspaces. Our experts can help you keep your workers safe and comply with all regulations governing the entry of confined work spaces.

LED Work Lights

    Light your job site with the safest, most durable lights available. Explosion proof, wet location, confined space, and low voltage portable LED lights. Only available at select Red-D-Arc locations.

Light Towers

    Cost-effective short and long-term rental of towable light towers for all of your portable lighting needs. For more information call D&D Power at 1-888-978-6550

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

    Red-D-Arc offers its customers the VCM 200 Cutting Machine, an O-FC model that uses pure oxygen instead of air to increase the flame temperature and allow for localized melting of work piece materials

Plasma Cutters

    Check out our range of plasma cutters and plasma cutting machines available for rent. Request a quote or call 1-866-733-3272 for more details

Weld Fume Extraction

    Red-D-Arc offers several types of portable smoke extractors developed for the safe and efficient removal of welding-related fumes from the worksite

Welder Certification Trailer

    Red-D-Arc's welder certification trailers are equipped for on-site welder testing and procedure certification with eight welding stations, a weldment-test area, and an administrative office
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