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Blast Cleaning

Red-D-Arc offers Cold Jet dry ice blasting and Farrow media blasting equipment for rent, lease and sale. Environmentally sustainable cleaning and advanced surface preparation. These powerful alternatives to sandblasting have an incredible number of applications and are less hazardous than dry media blasting methods.


Dry Ice Blasting Machines

    Cold Jet dry ice blasting machines are available for rent, lease or purchase, equipped with different dry ice capacities and hose lengths. Dry ice blasting leaves no residue, and has been used for a diverse applications including mold remediation, food and beverage equipment cleaning, industrial equipment maintenance, medical equipment manufacturing and weld line cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting Nozzles

    Whatever your requirement Red-D-Arc carries the Cold Jet dry ice blasting nozzles necessary for your project

Cold Jet Accessories

    Hoses, nozzles, applicators, safety equipment and dry ice, Red-D-Arc has everything you need to get the job done

Farrow Coating Removal

    The Farrow coating removal system is a cost effective, environmentally safe surface cleaning method which quickly removes coatings, oxidation and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them. An incredibly versatile blasting method, Farrow systems can be used for concrete, epoxy coating removal, auto restoration, steel surface prep, brick, stone and stucco and a myriad of other uses.

Clemco Blasting Machines

    Red-D-Arc carries Clemco portable pressure blast equipment. Clemco is the world's largest manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment; used by contractors, facility owners, and shipyards for cleaning, corrosion control, and surface preparation.

Air Compressors

    Portable diesel-engine driven air compressors are available for your blast cleaning needs which includes ultra-quiet, high-efficiency and high pressure models. Ask our specialists about putting together a blast cleaning package complete with a mobile air compressor.
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