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Storage Tank Fabrication

Red-D-Arc carries the Koike Aronson / Ransome line of tank fabrication equipment; designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous applications.
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Automatic Girth Welder (AGW-I, AGW-II)
  • Cuts Storage Tank Welding Time Up to 40%
  • Single (AGW-I) and Double (AGW-II) Sided Operation
  • Operator Controlled Speeds from 4 to 105 IPM
  • Handles Plates 6 ft to 10 ft High, as Thick as 2"
  • Weld Tanks from the Largest to as Small as 40 ft in Diameter

Light Weight Automatic Girth Welder (AGW-LW)
  • 40% Lighter than the Standard AGW-I
  • Cuts Storage Tank Welding Time Up to 40%
  • Operator Controlled Speeds From 4 to 105 IPM
  • Weld Tanks from 12' Diameters and Up

Mini Girth (MGW) Welder
  • Travels at 0 to 75 IPM
  • Designed for Structures of 8' or More
  • 100 ft Control Cable

Automatic Vertical Up (VUP) Welder
  • Single pass automatic welding system
  • X-Ray Quality Welds
  • Unlimited tank diameters

Shell Buggy
  • Manual Pulley Drive for Traversing and Fold Down Steps for Elevation
  • Operator Access to Both Horizontal and Vertical Seams Without Scaffolding

Wel-Handy Multi
  • Three models available
  • Light weight and portable
  • Pulling power of 66 lb (30 kg)
  • No track required, eliminating cost and setup time

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