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Lincoln Invertec STT II

Lincoln Invertec STT IILincoln Invertec STT II Advanced Process Welder

Top Features

  • STT DC
  • Surface Tension Transfer (STT) Process
  • Controlled Penetration and Outstanding Heat Input Control
  • Reduced Spatter and Fumes
  • Processes: Advanced Process, Surface Tension Transfer

The revolutionary STT II power source combines high frequency inverter technology with advanced Waveform Control Technology™ to provide a better welding solution than traditional short arc MIG.

Product Details


Weight: 117 lb (53 kg)
Dimensions: H: 23.3 in (592 mm) W: 13.2 in (336 mm) D: 24.4 in (620 mm)


Advanced Process

Surface Tension Transfer

Additional Features

Unlike CV MIG machines, the STT machine has no voltage control knob. STT uses current controls to adjust the heat independent of the wire feed speed, so changes in electrode extension do not affect heat. Low heat input welds can be produced without overheating or burning through, and distortion is minimized. Spatter and fumes are reduced because the electrode is not overheated — even when welding with larger diameter wires and 100% CO2 shielding gas.


  • Controlled penetration and outstanding heat input control - ideal for welding joints with open root, gaps, or on thin material with no burnthrough
  • Reduced spatter and fumes - current is controlled to achieve optimal metal transfer.
  • Reduced welding costs- ability to use 100% CO2 shielding gas with larger diameter wires.
  • Various shielding gases - STT may be used with various gas blends of Argon including Helium.
  • Good bead control and faster travel speeds - can replace TIG (GTAW) in many applications without sacrificing appearance.
  • Background and Tailout Current accurately control fine and coarse heat input for reduced distortion and burnthrough as well as proper penetration.
  • Adjustable Hot Start controls the heat at the start of the weld.

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Lincoln Invertec STT II

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