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MX350 Multi-Weld

MX350 Multi-WeldMX350 Multi-Weld

Top Features

  • Operates with Low DC Arc-Voltage
  • Multioperator Welding from a Single Power Source
  • Drastically Reduces Fuel/Energy Consumption
  • Processes: Stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW), Multioperator, Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Instead of operating with high voltage AC current like a conventional electric welder, the MX350 uses low DC arc-voltage from a constant current electric or engine-driven welding machine, to produce up to 350 amps, DC positive, welding current at 100% duty cycle for stick welding or up to 40 volts of constant voltage power for MIG and flux-cored welding.

Product Details


Rated CC DC Output: 350 A at 34 V, 100% duty cycle
Output Range: 30 - 350 A, 15 - 40 V
Input DC Volts: 60 - 80 VDC, 50 -113 V peak range
Input Amps at Rated Output: 165 A DC
Input Voltage Requirements: Minimum 60 VDC, CC
Weight: 59 lb (26.8 kg)
Dimensions: H: 11.6" (295 mm) W: 10" (254 mm) D: 21.5" (546 mm)


Stick (SMAW)
Air Carbon Arc Cutting
Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Additional Features

The number of MX350 converters that can be run simultaneously from a single power-source depends on the power source’s output (kilowatts available), the welding processes used (kilowatts required), and the operating factor (how many units are welding at any given time). Use of this system results in drastically reduced fuel consumption since one power source used in conjunction with MX350 converters replaces several individual conventional power-sources. When operating several MX350 modules from a single power source, any combination of DC positive welding processes can be performed including stick, MIG and flux-cored welding as well as air carbon arc gouging using up to 5/16" carbons


  • Multiple operator welding from a single power source results in reduced fuel consumption, emissions and noise
  • Adjustable controls for Hot Start and Arc Force as well as large, bright digital meters that indicate preset values before welding and actual values while welding assure better weld quality
  • Chopper Technology for high performance, smooth quality welds and instant control of the arc
  • No need to run remote control cables since all controls are located close to the operator for quick and easy access
  • Less welding cable is required because a single welding cable is run from the power source to the MX350, either using a distribution box to connect the MX350s into or, running the MX350s in series, one plugged into the other
  • A safer work area since a single low voltage cable, 60 volts DC, is brought from the power source to one or more distribution boxes which supply power to several MX350 converters
  • CC and CV process mode switch for DC positive welding processes
  • Units are small and portable, each weighing only 59 lb
  • CC Stick Soft and CC Stick Crisp mode switch for better control with E6010 and E7018 electrodes
  • Pre-set inductance in CV Mode results in optimized CV welding characteristics

Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

Remote control

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MX350 Multi-Weld

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