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Arcon Studhorse 1000DM

Arcon Studhorse 1000DM

Top Features

  • 1/4" to 5/8" Stud Welding Capacity
  • Portable and Lightweight for Industrial Stud Welding
  • Drawn Arc Stud Welding up to 1000 Amps
  • Processes: Stud Welding

The ARCON Studhorse 1000DM is a lightweight, 80 lb. portable inverter drawn-arc studwelder. Full Base Stud Capacity: 1/4“ (6.25mm) to 5/8’ (16mm) A pilot-current helps prevent sticking on non-prepped surfaces.

Product Details


Current: 1200 A @ 6%
Welding Range: 300-1200 A
OCV: 80 max
Input Amps at Rated Load: 30 A @ 480V input
KW: 23.8 KW
Efficiency: 79.60%
Weight: 80 lb (36.3 kg)
Dimensions: H: 17.9" (455 mm) W: 10.5" (267 mm) D: 19.5" (495 mm)


Stud Welding

Additional Features


  • Welds up to 1000A for up to 5/8" (16mm) full base studs, headed or threaded, in an 80lb unit Studhorse welder
  • The after-burn circuit ensures that the stud welder continues to provide current during the plunge preventing the puddle from solidifying before the stud has hit the puddle
  • The only SCR-type inverter welder made in the U.S.A.
  • Drawn Arc stud welding up to 1000 Amps
  • Welds full-base Studs from 1/4” (6mm) to 5/8” (16mm)
  • Complete systems available with gun and cables
  • Digital Start/Stop replaces mechanical contactor
  • Bright, easy to read digital display
  • Extra-thick skids on the bottom of the case for protection
  • Stepless 0.05 to 1.00-second time control
  • 400V or 480V three-phase input voltage; 35/30A time-delay fusing
  • 4 per minute duty cycle @ 1000 Amps for 5/8” studs
  • Stepless weld power and time adjustment
  • Regulated output
  • Welds wide range of sizes
  • Reliable SCR inverter
  • Rugged fiberglass case
  • 100% corrosion protected
  • Pilot current
  • Kick start
  • Short-circuit protection
  • High power efficiency
  • 5-zones of thermal protection

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Arcon Studhorse 1000DM

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