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Top Features

  • 250 Pound Capacity
  • 12 Feet Vertical and Horizontal Travel
  • Structural Steel with Continuously Welded Roundways

The MA-1212HD manipulator provides consistent and accurate placement of welding heads for automatic welding processes. The ram ends can be fitted with small I.D. single- or multiple-arc welding-heads for long seam and circumferential welding. Available in pedestal mounted, motorized- or fixed-boom configurations and can be mounted on a free-standing base or motorized travel-carriage for mobility.

Product Details


Weight Capacity:250 lb on each or either end
Travel:12 feet actual vertical and horizonal travel
Vertical Axis Construction:Structural steel with continuously welded roundways
Motor: AC brakemotor, 3/4 horsepower
Lift Speed: 40" per minute
Rollers: Hardened steel on eccentric shafts
Safety: Spring-applied locking device limits uncontrolled vertical travel
Horizontal Axis Construction: Structural steel with continuously welded roundways
Motor: 3/4 horsepower variable-speed DC
Ram Speed: 3.0 to 90 IPM
Ram Speed Accuracy: 2% of base speed
Rollers: Hardened steel on eccentric shafts
Base Construction: Welded steel
Bearings: Tapered roller-bearings
Lock: Two friction locks
Standard Base Plate: Sixteen 7/8-inch holes on a 22-1/8 inch bolt circle
Weight: 5,400 lb (manipulator)
Control Panel Functions: On/Off
Remote Hand Control:
PB-6-50 Six-Function Hand Pendant Control - Start, Stop, Ram Up, Ram Down, Ram Forward/Reverse, Ram Travel, Speed Control

Additional Features

Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

Free-Standing Base: 1,270 lb
Travel Car, 20-foot track: 7,100 pounds

Various Red-D-Arc power sources
Flux recovery systems
Welding heads


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