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CLEARBLAST 150 Wet Media Blaster

CLEARBLAST 150 - Abrasive Wet Media Blast CleanerCLEARBLAST 150 Wet Media Crushed Glass Blast Cleaner

Top Features

  • Wet Abrasive Blasting System
  • Eliminates More Than 90% Of Airborne Dust
  • Uses 50-75% Less Abrasive Than Regular Dry Blasting

Wet abrasive blasting combines water and abrasive (glass) media. With blasting pressures ranging from 30-120psi the CLEARBLAST 150 can strip coatings from a wide range of materials from fibreglass to steel. A 1-hour run time allows ample opportunity to get the job done on one charge. Surfaces are stripped clean in quick order using less blasting compound than dry blasting methods.

Product Details


Dimensions: 48" L x 26" W x 48" H
Weight: 375 lb dry, 673 lb wet
Air Capacity: 100-400 cfm (Hose and nozzle size dependent on air supply)
Pot Media Capacity: 100 lb (run time 60+ min)
On Board Water Capacity: 25 gal
Hose Length: 50 ft blast hose standard, up to 200 ft with extension hoses

Additional Features


  • Uses 50-75% less abrasive than regular dry blasting
  • Less containment, lowering clean-up and disposal costs
  • Blast pressure can be adjusted from 30-120 psi
  • Fine tune the settings to strip only a single layer
  • Create controlled profiles, ideal for brush blasting
  • Fully pneumatic controls easier than ever to setup
  • Steel top supports weight of media bags
  • Self venting and pressuring pot
  • Handles double as rack for hose
  • Front and rear handles for easy loading and unloading
  • Run flat tires and casters
  • 25 gallon internal water tank
  • All connections in one easily accessible location
  • Easy to remove panels allow quick maintenance
  • Powder coated frame and pressure vessel

With a width of only 26 inches, it will fit through any entryway. This unit features large run flat tires on the front and rear for easy maneuverability. Its compact size and weight make it easy to transport to the job site and easy to load into vehicles.

Self Contained
Completely pneumatic unit requiring only an air compressor to run - no electricity, relays or cords to worry about. The 25 gallon on board water tank means hours of blasting without the need to stop and refill or an external water source.

Intuitive Controls
Unlike other blasting systems, the controls on the CLEARblast 150 were designed to eliminate unnecessary steps. Ease of set up and use allows even new users to capably operate the machine.

The pneumatic valves allow for simple and automatic loading, reloading, cleaning and blasting stages. You can blast air, water or slurry with a press of the lever, which means to more time spent on the blasting, and less adjusting the controls.

The unit's main components are safely protected behind a fully enclosed powder coated frame. The pressure vessel is also powder coated and all fittings are made of high quality stainless steel. These features protect the external look and the internal surfaces from corrosion for a cleaner, more reliable blast.

Even with a smaller footprint than previous Farrow Systems there is more room than ever to access the main components by simply removing the side panels.

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Red-D-Arc is a national distributor for New Age Blast Media. Made from 100% post-consumer bottle glass, New Age Blast Media performs very well at removing surface contaminants such as paint, coatings and rust; from various substrates including metal, concrete and wood. Glass blasting media is safer for workers and the environment compared to many other types of blast media which can contain high levels of crystalline silica and OSHA identified heavy/toxic metals.

Learn More: Benefits | Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Industrial Applications For Wet Media Blasting:
Transportation and trucking
Epoxy coating removal
Brick and masonry
Automotive restoration
Boat bottoms and marine environments
Residential restoration projects

CLEARBLAST 150 Wet Media Blaster

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