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ProHeat 35 IHS - Heat Treating Systems


Weld Preheating and Stress Relieving
Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
Can Reduce Preheat Time by 400%
Liquid-Cooled and Air-Cooled Systems
Reduced Set-Up, Fast Time-to-Temperature

With the new ProHeat™ 35 induction heating system, one or two joints can be rapidly and uniformly heated for preheat or stress relief with minimal setup and instruction time. An induction heating system induces heat electromagnetically rather than by using a heating element to conduct heat. The ProHeat 35 can be used as an air-cooled system for temperatures up to 400° F or as a liquid-cooled system for temperatures up to 1450° F.
The ProHeat 35 features multiple outputs, four control thermocouples to ensure uniform heating, significantly faster time to temperature than conventional heating, and an extremely easy-to-use operator interface that allows the operator to program ramp and hold temperature times. It also tutors the operator to achieve maximum output from the induction coils. By switching from conventional heating processes (propane or resistance heating) to an induction heating system, companies have experienced a reduction in preheat time of 400% (from 2-1/4 hours to 30 minutes) while attaining more uniform heating without incurring consumable costs. The new induction heating system from Miller was designed to require minimal instruction and set up time — about 10 minutes each, decreasing labor costs while increasing productivity.

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Input Power: 460 - 575 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz
Temperature Rating: Storage -40° C - +60° C
Operation -30° C -/+50° C
Rated Output: 35 kW at 100% duty cycle
Output Frequency: 5 - 30 KHz
Input Amperes at Rated Output: 50 A at 460 V, 40 A at 575 V
KVA/KW at Rated Output: 30/37
Weight: 227 lb (103 kg)
Dimensions: H: 29 in (736 mm) W: 21.5 (546 mm)
D: 36.75 (933 mm)

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