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BotX Cobot Welding System

Rent, Lease and Purchase Options

BotX addresses the skilled labor shortage by enabling companies to acquire easy-to-use automated welding through short or long-term rental, lease or purchase programs. The innovative, on-demand model allows customers to quickly scale up — or down — their production capacity to align with current business needs, with no capital investment.

  • Zero up-front investment
  • Flexible commercial options — rent, lease or purchase
  • Set-up and training are included
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Online and offline system options
  • Full implementation support
  • 24/7, personalized virtual support via app
BotX welder table

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Ease of Use

New users can be trained in a matter of hours. Simply teach the arm, as you would to manually weld your part, and press play. BotX includes a searchable library of welding recipes, developed by welding engineers, that cover the majority of common welding applications.

Powerful, Productive & Consistent

Set up and weld complex parts in minutes. Unparalleled arc stability through waveform control, empowering you with faster travel speeds for unmatched productivity. The operator can fine tune the welding parameters to meet your engineered specifications.

Support From Welding Specialists

Red-D-Arc and Airgas welding process specialists install the system and train your team. Following set up, you have access to 24/7 remote support so you can reach a Red-D-Arc welding specialist instantly. On average, support requests are responded to in about two minutes.

Speak to a Red-D-Arc Robotic Welding Specialist: 678-528-0538

BotX System Options

Description Cloud-connected system with continuous, real-time monitoring. Provides welding and production data along with automatic access to software enhancements. Offline system capable of advanced welding processes. Achieves superior welding performance on all materials, including aluminum.
Table options 4'x4' (1 table total)
4'x8' (2 tables total)
4'x8'x4' (3 tables total)
4'x2-6"' Mobile cart
4'x4' (1 table total)
4'x8' (2 tables total)
4'x8'x4' (3 tables total)
8'x8' (4 tables total)
Docking station only
Cobot arm UR10e Cobot Arm UR10e Cobot Arm
Power source Miller XMT 350 MPa or 450 MPa MIG package OTC P402L or P502L MIG package
Requires internet access Yes No
Welding Recipes Yes Yes
Aluminum welding capability Optional Upgrade Yes
66-piece starter tooling kit Yes Yes

What Customers Are Saying...

More Testimonials...

"We don't want the tight labor market to be a constraint on our goals for growth." - Heartland Steel Inc: 400% increase in cycle time
"With labor shortages the way they are, we can't find people, we're relying on the BotX."
“We were creating production parts within half a day.”
"There was a 40% improvement for first time quality, better weld seal, and leak tester improvement."
"The programming is exceptionally easy, adaptable, and fast compared to the other robots we have and have reviewed."
"The new robotic welder is performing beautifully. The welds are very clean, penetration is excellent and performance has greatly improved."
“It didn’t take very long to realize how simple it was. It just worked.”
“It didn’t even need a traditional ROI assessment… Within a month, we already bought the machine.”

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Speak to a Red-D-Arc Robotic Welding Specialist: 678-528-0538
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