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The BotX Welding Cobot

A Collaborative Robotic Welding System

The growing shortage of skilled labor is an issue for manufacturing companies globally. Red-D-Arc has teamed up with robotic integrator Hirebotics to develop the BotX-Welder, available now to customers in the US and Canada. The BotX-Welder addresses the skilled labor shortage by allowing companies to hire easy-to-use automated welding labor, paying for it by the productive hour. The innovative hire-as-needed model allows customers to quickly scale up or down their workforce to align with current business needs, with no capital investment.

  • Zero Up Front Investment
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Full Implementation Support
  • Pay by the Productive Hour
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botx welder table

Cloud Connected Robotics

robotic welding mobile app

The BotX cobot is cloud connected with continuous, real-time monitoring which provides you with true 24/7 support. The majority of customer issues can be resolved virtually in real-time, keeping you productive. Cloud connectivity offers you continuous welding and production data, as well as instant automatic access to software enhancements and new welding recipes. Your BotX-Welder is always the most up to date efficient version of the system.

Welding Cobot System Components

robotic welding cell components

The BotX Welding Cobot includes a UR10e collaborative robotic arm, 350 amp pulse MIG welding power source and a wirefeeder with robotic MIG torch, all integrated on a 4’ x 4’ welding table (8’ x 4’ is also available to accommodate larger workpieces or if dual welding zones are required). The BotX is controlled via simple to use drop down menus within the Hirebotics app, which is compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Welding Library

welding routine library app

A welding library developed specifically for the BotX recommends welding parameters based on your process and pairs best with the ARCAL(TM) product line. The Hirebotics mobile app allows you to access your real-time production and quality data. You can also receive push notifications of events that are important to you, such as low on raw material, stopped billing, etc.

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