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Welder Certification Trailer

Red-D-Arc's welder certification trailers are equipped for on-site welder testing and procedure certification with eight welding stations, a weldment-test area, and an administrative office

Why use a fume extractor?

Fumes generated by welding can contain a variety of toxic materials which can pose a serious hazard to anyone exposed to them. Proper workspace ventilation is essential for worker safety and compliance with OSHA regulations regarding air quality. All types of metals used in welding produce some level of hazardous gas, but welding fume extractors can greatly reduce the risk of exposure to such materials.

MWCT53 Welder Certification Trailer
  • On-Site Welder Certification
  • Multiprocess Capabilities
  • 8 Welding Stations
  • 1 Administration Office
  • Fume-Free Environment
  • 53 Foot Trailer

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