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LN7, LN7 GMA Wire Feeders

LN9, LN9 GMA Semiautomatic Wire Feeders

Top Features

  • Semiautomatic, Constant Speed Wire Feeders
  • Positive Feeding and Quick Reloading
  • Digital Meter
  • Processes: MIG (GMAW), Submerged Arc (SAW), Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored (FCAW)

The LN7 and LN7 GMA are semiautomatic constant speed wire feeders that can be used with a variety of Lincoln engine drives, DC or CV power sources in a shop or field environment.

Product Details


Input Voltage: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 Amps (supplied by power source)
Wire Feed Speed: LN7: 50-500 IPM
LN7 GMA: 75-700 IPM
LN7 Wire Diameters: .023" - 3/32" solid wire
.045" - 7/64" cored wire
LN7 GMA Wire Diameters: .023" - 1/16" solid wire
.045" - 5/64" cored wire
Weight: 26 lb (10.9 kg)
Dimensions: H: 10.9" (277 mm) W: 9.8" (249 mm) L: 9.6" (244 mm)



Submerged Arc (SAW)


Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Additional Features

The LN7 and LN7 GMA feature Lincoln's unique drive roll design, which provides positive feeding, quick reloading and durability for long life. Controlled wire feed speed during starting provides clean, positive starts and minimizes stubbing, skipping and spatter. For dependable operation and precise wire feeding in a rugged package, choose the LN7 or LN7 GMA.


  • The LN7 feeds up to 3/32" (2.4mm) solid and 7/64" (2.8mm) flux-cored wires, from 50-500 inches per minute (1.3-12.7m/min) wire feed speed
  • The LN7 GMA feeds up to 1/16 " (1.6mm) solid and 5/64" (2.0mm) flux-cored wires, from 75-700 inches per minute (1.9-17.8 m/min) wire feed speed
  • Unique drive roll design provides positive feeding and quick reloading by simply starting wire into guide tube. The drive rolls and guide tubes are designed for long life and precise wire feeding
  • Four-roll wire drive system available for additional wire feeding force and easier feeding of soft wires (LN7 GMA model only)
  • Completely enclosed case protects the heavy duty wire drive mechanism from damage, but allows easy access to drive rolls
  • Control circuit features “cold electrode” when the gun trigger is released for an added measure of safety
  • Low voltage (24 volts) gun trigger circuit
  • Dynamic braking system stops wire feed motor quickly to minimize crater sticking problems

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LN7, LN7 GMA Wire Feeders

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