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Air Carbon Arc Gouging

Air carbon arc gouging equipment uses a process that is flexible, efficient, and cost effective on practically any metal; carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferrous alloys

The Carbon Arc Gouging Process

Removing material through the use of mechanical means can be impractical when a large volume of material excavation needs to be performed. Delving out thick sections of material, long lengths of material, or both can take excessive amounts of time and increase costs as a result. Operator fatigue and time can both potentially be reduced by employing the carbon arc gouging process. Carbon arc gouging can very quickly eliminate unwanted material from the section being worked on through use of a carbon rod and compressed gas. Nearly any material that an electrical arc can be established on can be carbon arc gouged. This versatile process should be considered when any job requires great amounts of material removal.

K4000 Manual Air Carbon Arc Torch
  • Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting
  • Positive Grip Handle
  • Rugged Construction
  • Heavy Duty Metal Removal
  • Reduced Torch and Cable Weight

N6000 Metal-Removal System
  • Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting
  • Five Times Faster Than With Hand Held Torch
  • Gouges More Accurately and Consistently
  • Requires Less Grinding than with Hand Torch
  • Economical J-Groove, U-Groove Edge Prep

  • Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting
  • Continuous Gouging of Long Seams
  • High Resolution Voltage Control Capability
  • Machine-Like Tolerance

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