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Welding Positioners

Pipe welding positioners, rotary welding turntables, benchtop positioners

Red-D-Arc supplies a wide range of welding positioners for sale, rent and lease. Weld positioners increase safety and efficiency.
Positioner Sales

We also sell a wide variety of weld automation equipment.

Weld positioning devices or welding positioners are machines that usually have rotating parts for easy access to welding operations on odd-shaped parts. While some devices allow 360 degrees of rotation, other accessory tools are height-adjustable. Most manual welding machines require repositioning of weld materials into a more comfortable range or may force the welders to operate in restricted or uncomfortable movement that doesn’t support the necessary range to complete a job.

RP1 Benchtop Welding Positioner
  • Table Tilts 90 Degrees Forward/10 Degrees Backward, Manual Crank
  • Capacity: 200 lb Horizontal, 100 lb Vertical
  • 360 Degree, Variable-Speed Table Rotation
  • 0 - 4.5 RPM Forward/Reverse Speed Control

RDA FHV440-M Welding Positioner
  • Available for U.S. Sale Only
  • 440 lb Horizontal Load Capacity
  • 280 lb Vertical Load Capacity

RDA AHVP15-4M Weld Positioner
  • Available for Sale Only
  • 1545 lb Load Turntable Capacity
  • 0.1 - 1.75 RPM Rotation Speed

RDA FHVP5-3 Welding Positioner
  • 500 lb Welding Turntable, Fixed Height
  • UL and CE certification
  • All-Fabricated Steel Frame and Base

RDA AHVP15-4 Welding Positioner
  • 1500 lb Weld Positioner, Adjustable Height
  • UL and CE certification
  • All-Fabricated Steel Frame and Base

RDA AHVP30-6 Welding Positioner
  • 3000 lb Welding Positioner, Adjustable Height
  • UL and CE certification
  • All-Fabricated Steel Frame and Base

RDA AHVP60-6 Welding Positioner
  • 6000 lb Weld Positioner, Adjustable Height
  • UL and CE certification
  • All-Fabricated Steel Frame and Base

RDA AHVP100-6 Welding Positioner
  • 10,000 lb Welding Turntable, Adjustable Height
  • UL and CE certification
  • All-Fabricated Steel Frame and Base

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Welding Positioner Applications

Welding positioners allow the operator to stay in one position, synchronized to remain level, and thereby, preventing worker fatigue. In most cases, a single person can operate these machines. This method provides high-quality welds as vertical welding is not necessary which increases productivity. Weld positioning equipment is not only ideal for welding large assemblies, but can also be used on smaller projects. Pipe welding positioners in used in conjunction with pipe stands are used for the rotation of long pipes and tubes for welding. While rotary turntable positioners are the most common type, other custom positioning machines such as head and tailstock positioners, vessel fit up rollers and growing line systems have have been created for specific large welding projects. Weld Positioners are commonly used in automatic pipe welding cellsand submerged arc welding configurations.

Benefits Provided by Welding Positioners

Without a welding positioner, some joints may be required to be welded out of position. This can cause several issues, one being weld quality. Since it is generally more difficult to make a satisfactory weld out of position than in a flat or static position. The other concern is worker fatigue. Welding positioners can hold workpieces of many different shapes, sizes, and weights and put them in the most ergonomic position for a worker. Welding positioners also increase efficiency by reducing the required amount of worker movement. Welding positioners are generally used for objects that are too heavy to rotate and move by hand.

  • Reduced welder fatigue
  • Higher weld quality and precision
  • Easy weld process on complex jobs
  • Speedy operations
  • Increased productivity
  • Wide range of capabilities
  • Improved workshop safety
  • Less production floor space
  • Better accessibility of the weld materials
  • Reduced rejection rates
  • Maximum weld deposition rates

Working Principle Of Welding Positioners

Irrespective of the size of the project, welding positioners function on the same working principle. The operator affixes the base product or workpiece onto the welding positioner using clamps or bolts. As the device grips it securely in a flat position, the welder can mechanically change its position to an orientation that allows them full access to the weld joints, from a more comfortable position. Sub-assemblies or parts can be added without any break in the process and without requiring complex maneuvers to hold the welding torch.

Types of Welding Positioners

Red-D-Arc offers a wide range of weld automation equipment, including welding positioners, available for sale, rent, and lease.There are three main types of weld positioning equipment:


These machines can be operated using manual hand cranks, or foot pedals to move the weldment in the desired direction at the right speed.


A welding positioner that works in combination with additional equipment to achieve improved productivity. For example, accessories like a torch stand can be fitted to the positioner to get the welding done under a stationary torch.


For jobs requiring higher weld precision and repeatability, weld positioners can make use of robotics. Automatic welding stations are suitable to produce large quantities of weldments. General welding positioners refer to those devices that allow for full 360-degree rotation of the workpieces for welding. Depending on the weld function, others are classified as follows:

Rotary Welding Positioners

For precision welding applications on circular objects, operators make use of rotary weld positioners. Using a variable speed control box, in addition to an optional variable-speed pedal, you can set the accurate speed.

Pipe Welding Positioners

A pipe welding positioner enhances productivity while working on large offset loads - mainly pipes, elbows, shafts, wheels, and others. Their varied applications range from pipe spooling to the positioning of complex workpieces such as chassis components. Pipe positioners are frequently used in tandem with pipe rollers or pipe stands.

Headstock & Tailstock Positioners

Long rectangular components, which have to be supported from both ends, can be welded using headstock tailstock weld positioners. They provide maximum flexibility when rotating massive workpieces like trailer frames.

Gripper Welding Chucks

Gripper welding chucks are specialized clamps used to secure customized metal pieces to be welded to the headstock or tailstock. These machines can increase efficiency and are designed to withstand the robust working conditions of the welding industry.

Welding Turntables

Weld turntables are high-precision, low-cost devices that provide workpiece positioning in the horizontal position. They allow for rotation of industrial workpieces such as pipes or vessels around a vertical axis. Primary applications of floor welding turntables are welding, X-ray and machining, and flame cutting operations.

Proper Use of a Welding Positioner

When using a weld turntable, whether it is a floor or benchtop weld positioner, safety should be the first consideration. The welding table should be secured to a stable surface, making sure that it stays in a horizontal position. In addition to clamping the workpiece, quality tack welds provide some rigidity and oppose the weld stresses and prevent the edges of the joints from being displaced. The stationary torch has to be fixed to an adjustable clamp.

During the welding process, the weld positioning equipment has to be connected to a ground current to avoid damage to the electrical parts. It is critical to use the welding positioners as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Spec sheets and manuals about the size, load, speed requirements, and which operations they can handle should be consulted before beginning welding operations.

Red-D-Arc Welding Positioners for Sale, Lease, or Rent

Red-D-Arc provides rental weld positioning equipment all welding applications. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from our diverse array of weld positioners with varying speeds and in a range of sizes - from benchtop welding positioners to 85,000 lb capacity welding positioners. You can also lease or buy several welding positioner models from Red-D-Arc, along with specific features, accessories, and other related components such as rotation speed controls, gripper chucks, and directional foot pedals. Contact our weld automation experts today and improve production and worker safety. Pipe welding operations can be aided with weld automation tools like Red-D-Arc's oscillating pipe welder.

Contact A Weld Automation Expert

Our weld automation experts have experience designing and customizing weld automation set ups in a variety of industries. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Weld automation dramatically improve weld quality, speeds up production and increase worker safety. Contact an Expert today.

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