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Pipe Heating Equipment

Red-D-Arc carries pipe heating equipment for welding pipes of all sizes including Miller induction heating systems and Cooperheat resistance heaters. We also carry a range of heating blankets, cables and ceramic heating pads. Count on us to provide you with the right equipment for preheating and postheating pipe for welding.

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Miller Proheat 35 Induction Heaters

Air Cooled System

For Preheating Pipe up to 400° F (204° C)

Miller Proheat 35 Induction Heater

The ProHeat 35 Air-Cooled system can be operated in manual programming mode where a power output is applied to a part for a specified time or in the Temperature Based Programming mode where the pipe temperature is used to control power output. Air-cooled blankets are available for pipe diameters from 8 to 56 inches or, in the case of plate, the lengths are from 40 to 185 inches. View the ProHeat 35 Air Cooled System

Liquid Cooled System

For High Temperature Pipe Preheating and Hydrogen Bake-Out up to 1450° F (788° C)


Miller's ProHeat 35 Liquid-Cooled system can be operated in manual programming mode where a power output is applied to a part for a specified time or in the temperature based programming mode where the pipe temperature is used to control power output. Liquid-cooled heating cables provide a highly versatile tool for preheating a variety of pipe diameters and even flat plate. View the ProHeat 35 Liquid-Cooled System >
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Miller ArcReach Portable Induction Pipe Heater

Portable Pipe Heater: Miller ArcReach Heater

Miller's ArcReach air-cooled induction heating system is designed for preheat and bake-out applications at temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C), without requiring cooler and coolant. Temperature control settings can be manually programmed or uploaded via USB stick. All heating data is recorded automatically and can be saved for quality control and documentation purposes.
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Rolling Pipe Heater: Miller ProHeat Rolling Inductor

Miller ProHeat Rolling Inductor for heating pipe for welding

The ProHeat 35 rolling induction system is a simple and cost-effective heating solution which delivers fast and consistent heat for pipe fabrication shops that weld pipe spools for the refinery, petrochemical, power and HVAC industries.
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Induction Heating Blankets and Accessories

Induction Heating Blankets and Accessories

Custom designed, custom fabricated induction heating accessories such as Portable Induction Furnaces, Clam Shells, Induction Internal Plugs and Induction Blankets. Greatly speed up, simplify and enhance the safety of your induction heating operations.
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Resistance Heating Pipe: Cooperheat Equipment

cooperheat resistance pipe heating equipment

Cooperheat heating equipment provides the user with the flexibility to heat treat a range of welds at the same time. From simple butt welds to complex pipe work and vessels. Adaptable heating solutions for your specifications.
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Resistance Heating Accessories

Ceramic Heating Pad for Resistance Heating

Red-D-Arc carries resistance heating accessories including ceramic heating pads to fit any application as well as all necessary cables for a complete pipe heating package.
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Video Presentation: Self Performing Induction Heating


Reduce costs by performing induction heating operations in-house. Enter your information in the form below to gain immediate access to Lori Kuiper's 2021 presentation at the AWS Pipe Welding Expo


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