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Pipe End Prep and Beveling

Red-D-Arc carries an extensive line pipe cutters and pipe bevelers including the latest end prep products from H&S Tool, Axxair and H&M. Durable, easy to transport, accurate and versatile end prep equipment.
Axxair Orbital Cutting Saws
  • Range: 0.25" to 12.75" Diameter Pipe
  • Concentric Clamping Eliminates Tube Distortion
  • Blade-Jaws Distance Limits Vibration

H&M Band-Type Pipe Bevelers
  • Fast, Accurate and Versatile
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Cutting Range of 10" to 96" Diameter Pipe
  • Special Bands Available for Pipe Up to 20 Feet in Diameter

H&M Saddle-Type Pipe Bevelers
  • Standard Beveling Machines
  • Cutting and Beveling 2" to 12" Diameter Pipe
  • Lightweight, Hard-Anodized Aluminum

H&S Tool PB8 Power Beveler
  • ID mount pipe beveler
  • Universal tool holder
  • Variety of tooling options

H&S Tool PB12 Power Beveler
  • ID mount pipe beveler
  • Universal tool holder
  • Variety of tooling options

H&S Tool AFC-12 Split-Frame
  • Outboard drive motor bearing
  • Stackable extension pads
  • Universal components
  • Counterbore heads with fixed or swivel head design

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The Benefits of Using Pipe Cutters and Bevelers

Pipe requires a great deal of skill when it comes to cutting. Its shape requires expert manipulation of the cutting torch to ensure the pipe is severed cleanly and wholly. Even with an adept worker manning the torch, it can take a long time to make the cuts necessary. Also, it is nearly impossible to achieve a consistent bevel angle on pipe when manually severing with a torch. Mechanized pipe cutters and bevelers solve these two problems. With a properly set up pipe cutter or pipe beveler, pipe can be severed quickly, consistently, and at the appropriate bevel angle in a highly repeatable manner.

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