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Wet Media Blasters

Wet Media Blaster Rentals:

Strip Coatings Quickly with Wet Media Crushed Glass Blasting. Wet blasting systems are a cost effective, environmentally safe way to remove coatings, oxidation and graffiti
Dry Ice Blasters

We also rent dry ice blasting equipment by ColdJet.

Wet Blasting, a Great Alternative to Sandblasting

Harness the power of crushed glass blasting to solve a number of your surface prep and blast cleaning requirements. A good alternative to sandblasting and other dry blasting methods, wet media blasters are an environmentally friendly solution which minimize airborne particles allowing users to comply with local restrictions on open air sandblasting. In addition to crushed glass, these wet blasting systems can also be used with coal slag, garnet, glass bead and plastic blasting media.

CLEARBLAST 150 Wet Media Blaster
  • Wet Abrasive Blasting System
  • Eliminates More Than 90% Of Airborne Dust
  • Uses 50-75% Less Abrasive Than Regular Dry Blasting

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Applications for Crushed Glass Blasting

Wet media blasters are extremely versatile and excellent for a variety of surface preparation, stripping and restoration applications.

  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Auto restoration
  • Steel surface prep for welding
  • Cleaning concrete
  • Restoring brick
  • Cleaning stone

Dustless Blasting

Wet media blasting is an almost completely dustless blasting process. There is always some residual material left over, but compared to sandblasting or other dry blasting methods, it's far cleaner. There is certainly less airborne particulate matter in this process. So when people talk about dustless blasting this is most often what is being referred to.

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