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LPG Engine Welders

LPG engine-driven welders capable of high quality multi-process welding. Fuel efficient, portable DC and/or AC welding machines which also provide auxiliary power
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Plasma Arc Cutting, Flux-Cored
  • DC CC CV 9kW
  • Kohler Command CH-20 LPG engine
  • 275 Amps DC at 100% Duty Cycle

Miller Bobcat 250 LPG
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Flux-Cored
  • AC DC CC CV 11kW
  • 9,500 Watts Continuous Power
  • Tri-Cor Technology

Miller Trailblazer 275 LPG
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG, MIG, Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Flux-Cored
  • DC CC CV 11kW
  • Three Stick and TIG Modes for Optimized Arc Performance
  • Two Wire Modes for Simplified Setup
  • Infinite Arc Control in Stick and Solid Wire Modes

Lincoln 305 Ranger LPG Engine Welder
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored
  • Lincoln Generator Welder
  • DC CC CV 10kW
  • Kohler Overhead Valve 25 HP Command LPG Engine
  • Digital Weld Meters

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Engine Welder Applications

When electrical power is not available, two options are available: weld with a flame or start up a welding generator. Because of weld quality concerns with the former option, a generator is often the way to go. LPG engine welding generators give welders the power they need to create an electrical arc and fuse metal together. Not only do LPG engine welding generators supply power for welding, but they typically have outlets for auxiliary equipment such as grinders or light fixtures. LPG engine welding generators are frequently used in the remote construction projects or other applications where line power is not readily available. Unlike gas and diesel engine welders, liquefied petroleum gas engine welding generators have a fuel source that will not deteriorate over time.

We also carry a selection of LPG Generators for rent

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