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Oscillating Pipe Welder

Red-D-Arc’s Process Pipe Cell (PPC) with oscillating welding torch is a dual wire feeder, multi-process welding cell that is designed to greatly increase process pipe welding productivity.
Process Pipe Cell (PPC)
  • Oscillating Open Arc Welding Processes
  • Uses Various Welding Systems
  • Increased Productivity and Weld Quality for Pipe Fabrication Shops

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Better Welds with the Oscillating Pipe Welder

An oscillating pipe welder can be especially useful when the desire is to automate or mechanize pipe welding. An oscillating pipe welder rolls the pipe out in the flat, or 1G position. This is important because it eliminates the effect that gravity can have on the weld pool when joining pipe together in out of position welding situations. An oscillating pipe welder is also used to manipulate the torch head. The machine can be set up for the different weave patterns and weave distances. This is critical when welding beveled pipe as the weld joint widens as the top of the joint is reached; this in turn requires a wider weld to be made. An oscillating pipe welder also reduces the operator skill required to weld pipe.

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Our weld automation experts have experience designing and customizing weld automation set ups in a variety of industries. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Weld automation dramatically improve weld quality, speeds up production and increase worker safety. Contact an Expert today.

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