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Miller ArcReach Induction Heater

Miller ArcReach Induction Heater

Top Features

  • Connect directly to welding power source
  • Lower Preheating Costs
  • Fast, Safe, Precision Preheating
  • No Welding/Heating Crew Changeover

An air cooled induction heating tool which can be powered by specific on-site welding power sources.

Product Details


Maximum Preheat Temperature: 600°F (315°C )
Input Power: Operates on open-circuit voltage: 50 –70 volts
Output Current: 200 amps
Output Voltage: 300 volts
Source Current: 33 amps
Output Frequency: 5–30 kHz
Rated Output: 7.8 kW at 100% duty cycle
Height: 18.6 in. (472 mm)
Width: 11.2 in. (285 mm)
Length: 26.7 in. (678 mm)
Weight: 43 lb. (20 kg)


Additional Features

Miller's ArcReach air-cooled induction heating system is designed for preheat and bake-out applications at temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C), without requiring cooler and coolant. Temperature control settings can be manually programmed or uploaded via USB stick. All heating data is recorded automatically and can be saved for quality control and documentation purposes.

Induction Heating Benefits for Storage Tank Welding

Achieve critical temperatures quickly and hold them steady over long periods of time using induction heating. Many tank fabricators are losing time by heating using rosebuds. Older heating methods like this are slow, costly and imprecise. Time to temperature with induction heating allows you to shave as much as 80% off of your heating time. Ask one of our team members about implementing the power of induction heating using systems like Miller's ArcReach Induction heater
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Miller ArcReach Induction Heater

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