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RDA MFUB-TW Fit-Up Tank Roller

Red-D-Arc Fit Up Bed RollerFIt Up Bed Tank RollerThin walled tank turning roller

Top Features

  • Joining, Welding and Assembly of Thin-Wall Storage Tanks
  • Designed for 10', 12' and 15'-6" Diameter Thin-Wall Storage Tanks
  • Modular Design

Red-D-Arc's MFUB-TW Modular Fit Up Bed System is designed for the joining, welding and assembly of 10', 12' and 15'-6" diameter thin-wall storage tanks.

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Product Details


Application: Thin-wall storage tank fabrication
MDU Rotation Capacity: 44,000 lbs
Vessel Diameter Range: 10' to 15'-6"
Vessel Length: Varies with the number of modules
Wheel Drum Type and Size: Steel, 9.8" diameter x 3'-11" wide (2 per module)
Upper Link Assembly Supports: 8" x 4' (2 per module)
Lower Link Assembly Supports: 8" x 3'-4" (2 per module)
Rotation Speed (Variable): 6 to 60 inches per minute
Rotation Drive Motor: 1.5 kW AC
Input Power: 380 to 480 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Additional Features

Each system is supplied with a Motorized Drive Unit (MDU) module connected to up to four Coupled Connection Drive (CCD) modules - depending on the length and number of sections to be joined. The CCD modules are connected to the MDU module by splice couplings and fish-plates at each side of the skid frame so that the wheel drums on all the modules are driven. The system is flexible enough to accommodate various lengths and sections of tanks. The MDU is driven on both wheel drums through a double-reduction heavy-duty worm and wheel gearbox with chain and sprocket through an AC vectored motor. Each MDU and CCD module is fitted with 4 hydraulic-support-arms (upper link and lower link assemblies) giving 4 points of contact on each side of the work piece along the length of the fabricated tank. Once the tank section is lowered into position on the wheel drums, the support arms, which independently pivot, are moved into position to manipulate the shape of the tank sidewalls. After the tank sections have been welded together, the support arms - which are independently controlled through a solenoid-operated push-button station controlled via hydraulic power pack - can be disengaged and the tank can be removed. The MFUB-TW comes with a low-voltage remote pendant control containing forward/stop/reverse/speed control and Estop connected with 65 feet of cable to the control panel.

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RDA MFUB-TW Fit-Up Tank Roller

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