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Rental Equipment

Doosan HP450 Diesel Air Compressor

Doosan HP450 Towable Air Compressor Rental Unit

Top Features

  • Dual Pressure: 450 cfm/150 psig or 400 cfm/200 psig
  • Tier 4i-Compliant Cummins Engine
  • Mid-Port Full Gauge Control Panel

The two-in-one HP450/VHP400WCU-T4i dual pressure portable air compressor delivers airflow ranging from 400 to 450 cfm and pressures ranging from 150 to 200 psi. They are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including general construction, abrasive blasting and pneumatic tool applications.

Product Details


Compressor Low Pressure High Pressure
Free-Air Delivery:450 cfm (12.7 m³/min) 400 cfm (11.3 m³/min)
Rated Operating Pressure:150 psig (10.3 bar) 200 psig (13.8 bar)
Pressure Range:80 - 175 psig (5.5 - 12.1 bar) 80 - 225 psig (5.5 - 15.5 bar)
Air Discharge Outlet Size: 2" (50.8 mm) 2" (50.8 mm)
Air Discharge Outlets: 1 1
Fuel Tank Capacity: 75 gal (284 L) 75 gal (284 L)
Make / Model: Cummins/QSB6.7 Cummins/QSB6.7

Emissions Tier Level:
Tier 4 Interim (T4i) Tier 4 Interim (T4i)
Number of Cylinders: 6 6
Displacement: 409 cu in (6.7 L) 409 cu in (6.7 L)
Rated Speed: 2200 rpm 1950 rpm
Idle Speed: 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Bhp @ Rated Speed: 173 (129 kW) 173 (129 kW)
Electrical: 24-Volt 24-Volt
Hours of Operation: 9.0 @ full load 8.7 @ full load
Dimensions w/ Running Gear
Length: 170" (4318 mm) 170" (4318 mm)
Width: 78.1" (1984 mm) 78.1" (1984 mm)
Height: 76" (1930 mm) 76" (1930 mm)
Track Width: 66.2" (1681 mm) 66.2" (1681 mm)
Tire Size: 16 16
Shipping Weight: 5178 lb (2349 kg) w/o fuel 5178 lb (2349 kg) w/o fuel
Working Weight: 5670 lb (2572 kg) w fuel 5670 lb (2572 kg) w fuel
Dimensions w/o Running Gear
Length: 117" (2972 mm) 117" (2972 mm)
Width: 61" (1549 mm) 61" (1549 mm)
Height: 62.9" (1600 mm) 62.9" (1600 mm)
Shipping Weight: 4508 lb (2045 kg) w/o fuel 4508 lb (2045 kg) w/o fuel
Working Weight: 5000 lb (2268 kg) w fuel 5000 lb (2268 kg) w fuel

Additional Features

Powered by Tier 4i-compliant Cummins engine and engineered with DOC emissions technology, the HP450/VHP400 portable air compressor offers compact, zero-maintenance design with no regeneration cycles.

Among the newly redesigned components on this model is the mid-port full gauge control panel. Standard on the panel is a tachometer display that allows the operator to see the selected engine and airend temperatures and pressure, as well as percentage of fan speed and engine load. Also included on the mid-port control panel is a switch that allows the operator to easily change the pressure setting during compressor operation. The dual pressure feature can create either low airflow with high pressure or low pressure and high flow.

Fully Towable
This portable air compressor is mounted on a highway ready trailer for easy movement between construction sites.

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Doosan HP450 Diesel Air Compressor

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