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SE1400 Welding Fume Extractor

SE1400 Welding Fume Extractor SE1400 Welding Smoke Extractor

Top Features

  • Ideal for Portable or Fixed Use
  • For welding, dust, and Oil mist Applications
  • Snorkvac 10' Welding Fume Extractor Snorkel Arm
  • Weld Fume Extractor Arm is Externally Supported to Minimize Air Flow Restriction
  • Processes: Weld Fume Control

Portable Filtration of Dust and Gases c/w 2 Stage filtration (Spark arresting Pre-filter & Washable Main filter), Fan & Super flexible Extraction Arm. Capacity of 1450 CFM Free-Blowing and 700 CFM at the Hood.

Product Details


Air Flow: 1400 cfm (2379 m³/hr) (at the hood)
Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Amperage: 12 amps at 1050 cfm or 17.5 amps at 1400 cfm
Motor: 1.5 HP, 3450 rpm, direct drive, TEFC
Hose Length: 10' (3 m)
Hose I.D.: 6" (160 mm)
Weight: 290 lb (132 kg)
Dimensions: H: 41.7" (1060 mm) W: 26" (660 mm) D: 30.25" (768 mm)


Weld Fume Control

Additional Features

The SE1400 smoke extractor provides both high volume extraction and a high degree of filtration - up to 99.9% efficiency. It comes with either a highly efficient washable filter or an optional throwaway paper filter - and with activated carbon in both doors. Precoat powder is used with the washable filter to maximize filtration efficiency and prolong the life of the filter. The unit can also be fitted with an activated charcoal filter which removes gases from polluted air. Also available with a HEPA filter.

The extraction arm captures welding fume and dust at a distance of 12 - 20" (30 - 50 cm) from the source and within an area of 20" (0.5 m) diameter. It is externally supported to minimize restriction to the air flow, and makes arm adjustments or hose replacement much easier than with an internally supported arm. The arm can be rotated through 360 degrees. The hood has an air diverter in it to increase the face velocity thus increasing the capture distance, and providing uniform air flow.

The unit is manufactured of 14 gauge cold rolled steel with a baked-on powder coat finish, and comes with two 5" fixed, and two 5" rotating soft rubber casters with a brake.

Replaceable Cartridge
SE1400 has a two step filtration system. First a combined spark trap and a pre-filter and then a 14 m2 “washable” filter cartridge with up to 99.2% efficiency @ 1micron. Simply remove the cartridge when full and insert a replacement cartridge. Takes just a couple of minutes.

The SE1400 smoke eater is robust, yet the easily maneuverable wheels and handles make for effortless transportation. Add to this the super-flexible Flexi extraction arm, and you have a supremely versatile and flexible filtration unit that can be moved between different work stations.

A Very Profitable Investment
Red-D-Arc welding fume extractors decrease the need for general ventilation as well as the amount of dust in the air. Less dust will give less wear on the machinery, less cleaning in the workshop and in the office, better lighting (no dirty lamps), cleaner material handling, higher working tempo and less absence bronchial illnesses. Few other investments will cut costs in the same way.

Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

Available Filter Types
10-169P Single-Stage Disposable Filter, 99.5% efficient, cellulose-paper
10-169W Single-Stage Washable/Reusable Filter, 99.2% efficient, polyester, requires a powder pre-coating
107.1016 Primary with 107.1015 HEPA Secondary Filter, Dual-Stage HEPA System
14-128 Carbon Filter, two-cassette type, (one in each door) used in conjunction with 10-169P, 10-169W, and 107.1016/107.1015 combination filters
Filters for welding-fume extraction equipment are available for use by our customers on a purchase only basis.

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