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*Portable Light Tower Rentals

Cost-effective short and long-term rental of portable light towers for all of your portable lighting needs. For more information call D&D Power at 1-888-978-6550

Portable Light Tower Rental Equipment

Night-Lite PRO II LD Portable Light Tower
  • Best-in-Class Hi-Definition Lighting System
  • 8 kW Generator
  • Spring Pin Tower Latch
  • 30 Gallon Polyethylene Fuel Tank
  • 230 VAC Optional Auxiliary Power

Express Combo Trailer Portable Light Tower
  • 500 gal Poly Tank with 5 gpm Pump and Pressure Tank
  • 25' 4-Fixture Hydraulically Raised Light tower
  • Allmand Maxi-lite II 20 kW V Series Generator
  • DOT Trailer with Surge Brakes

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How Portable Light Towers Reduce Costs and Save Time

Projects such as drilling, building, construction, mining and craft building typically have specified completion periods. Inconveniences arise when a project extends beyond its estimated completion date. Similarly, labor costs, equipment rental costs, health-and-safety expenses, insurance, etc., begin to increase significantly. This is why in most projects, work proceeds well into the night, with laborers working in shifts. Similarly, projects may take place during periods of longer nights and shorter days. In such scenarios, there is the problem of working in darkness, and working in absolute dark is obviously not an option. However, lose out on working the night hours, and the deadline won’t be met.. This is where Red-D-Arc's portable light towers come to the rescue.

Portable Light Tower Features and Variations

Portable light towers are mobile, standalone devices that provide high-power illumination in dark or poorly illuminated job sites. These devices comprise high-intensity electric lamps mounted on a mast of adjustable length. The mast is typically attached to a metal trailer holding a generator that provides the electricity to power the lamps. The entire setup is transported by attaching the trailer to a truck. Portable light towers are designed to be modular, with the lamps, mast, generator, and trailer all being detachable. Lamps are available in different levels of light intensity. The higher the intensity of the lamp, the higher the required power of the generator.

Similarly, masts vary in length by model. Portable light towers are usually rated in light intensity and mast length. Some portable light towers possess extra features that serve other crucial purposes. For example, in addition to providing illumination, the Express Combo Trailer Portable Light Tower features a 500-gallon water tank that can provide water on site. Its power generator can also provide power for the job site.

Applications of Portable Construction Light Towers

Portable light towers primarily serve to illuminate poorly lit job sites. They are commonly found on construction sites and oil fields, as well as in mining operations. These devices also serve to provide crucial lighting in emergency situations. For example, if a natural disaster causes power outages, or a large number of people gather to receive emergency support, portable light towers are immensely useful. Another popular use of portable light towers is providing lighting for night-time outdoor events.

An example of cost-saving courtesy of Red-D-Arc's portable light towers occurred when Red-D-Arc supplied a wide variety of equipment to a UAE-based company manufacturing pile piping and jackets for the world's largest offshore wind farm project. Thanks to our lineup of industry-leading equipment and, of course, our portable light towers, the company was able to achieve completion in a strict timeline of only six months.

By providing vital illumination, portable light towers enable work to proceed regardless of lighting conditions, ensuring that deadlines are met. In this way, these devices save time, costs, and effort.

Benefits of Portable Flood Light Towers

Portable light towers have various features that help reduce costs and save time:

  • Portable light towers are mobile, compact, and robust, allowing them to be transported easily and quickly.
  • Being fully integrated and autonomous, these devices do not require any accompanying machinery.
  • They are built to be extremely rugged. This allows them to be transported over severe terrains and also to withstand intense weather conditions.
  • Portable light towers are modular. This makes them easy to maintain and repair.

Considering that portable light towers are usually used temporarily for specified periods, it is far more practical to rent than to buy them. Red-D-Arc offers two highly functional, industry-leading portable light tower models for rent: the Express Combo Trailer Portable Light Tower, and the Night-Lite PRO II LD Portable Light Tower. We also offer specialized welding, dry ice blasting, heat treating, and power generation equipment.

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