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Submerged Arc Systems

Red-D-Arc offers complete submerged arc (SAW) welding systems available for sale, lease and rent. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to provide you with the most suitable sub arc welding system regardless of size or complexity.

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Submerged Arc Welding Systems

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

The primary advantages of submerged arc welding are efficiency and quality. When large amounts of filler material are required the sub arc process provides high deposition rates with deep weld penetration.

Red-D-Arc offers complete submerged arc welding systems available for sale, lease and rent. We have an extensive inventory of power sources, single and tandem sub arc welding heads, wire feeders, control systems, flux management systems and weld monitoring cameras along with sub arc tractors and weld positioning equipment.

Submerged Arc Welders

Red-D-Arc offers semiautomatic and automatic submerged arc welders for sale, lease and rent. We offer AC and/or DC power sources ranging from 400 amp to 1500 amp.

Available submerged arc power sources feature the latest in digital process control technology for increased weld speeds, consistently higher quality welds and improved efficiencies in a single or multi-arc environment.

Submerged Arc Welding Heads and Controls

Submerged Arc Welding Heads and Controls

Single and tandem (multi-wire and multi-arc) submerged arc welding heads are available for sale, lease and rent. Tandem systems include multi-arc heads with up to 6 welding arcs and multi-wire heads capable of up to 4 wires, all of which are available to accommodate deep groove and narrow gap applications. We have extensive experience designing special purpose, custom welding heads to suit any requirement.

Red-D-Arc’s tandem welding system provides a touch screen interface for data monitoring and provides full welding control. The multi-arc central console system provides control of up to 6 weld heads and allows welding parameters to be saved and downloaded. An ergonomic hand held pendant allows the operator flexibility to observe the weld and adjust parameters "on the fly".

Available wire feeders/controllers include the NA3S, NA4 and NA5R automatic wire feeders.

Flux Recovery Systems

Ensuring the removal of unused flux and slag from the work piece using a flux recovery system keeps abrasive flux away from moving parts of the welding system, produces a cleaner weld and reduces wastage by returning the clean reusable flux to the hopper.

Red-D-Arc offers dependable flux recovery systems with various sizes and capabilities to suit any sub arc welding requirement.

LT7 Submerged Arc Tractor

The LT7 is a self-propelled mechanized DC wire feeder for submerged arc welding. Perfect in heavy fabrication industries where long welds in the flat and horizontal position are required. It can be used with or without an optional track. The LT7 can accommodate wire sizes ranging from 3/32 - 3/16".

Remote Weld Monitoring Camera Systems

Safely verify equipment setup, monitor weld quality and alert the operator to other welding issues before they result in production problems.

Xiris XVC series weld monitoring camera systems are designed to allow the welding process to be viewed away from the immediate weld area, providing safe, noise free, real-time views during standard and high welding power conditions. Featuring a rugged housing, crystal clear images, single or dual crosshairs and adjustable field of view.


Red-D-Arc positioners provide 360° rotation of a work piece along with 135° forward tilt to position weldments during submerged arc welding. All-fabricated steel frames and bases support rotation and tilt spur-gears driven by worm-gear reducers to provide enhanced safety and durability.


Red-D-Arc manipulators with optional travel car provide excellent welding results with maximum productivity through consistent and accurate placement of welding heads for submerged arc welding including inside, outside, longitudinal and circumferential welding applications and can also be used in conjunction with polishing and grinding heads.

Turning Rolls

Red-D-Arc turning roll sets feature all-fabricated-steel base construction with wheel brackets that can be manually positioned to accommodate vessels of varying diameters around a constant center-line. Vessel rotation is via a two-motor, two-wheel-drive system which eliminates the need for torque tubes.

Fit Up Beds

Red-D-Arc's fit up bed systems are designed to align two vessels during the fit up process prior to welding. Cost savings are realized, as they dramatically reduces the time and effort required for aligning and jacking cans.

The systems are designed and built to withstand harsh and rugged environments. Replaceable polyurethane tires are mounted onto cast steel drums for durability and superior traction. Optional steel rolls are available upon request.

Growing Lines

Growing lines facilitate the efficient production of large diameter, tubular work pieces and are typically used in wind tower manufacturing.

The Red-D-Arc growing line system is available in a range capacities and consists of a growing line drive (GLD), growing line idler (GLI), transition unit (TR), master fit up (MFU) and slave fit up (SFU).

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