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Axxair Orbital Pipe Saws

Axxair CC171 Orbital Pipe Saws for cutting and beveling

Top Features

  • Range: 0.25" to 12.75" Diameter Pipe
  • Concentric Clamping Eliminates Tube Distortion
  • Blade-Jaws Distance Limits Vibration

Axxair Orbital Cutting Saws feature stainless steel jaws, and have a cutting precision of < 0.010" (perpendicular cuts). They can be transformed into a beveling or orbital welding machine and incorporate a dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake.

  • CC121   1/4" to 4 1/2" Ø pipe range
  • CC171   5/8" to 6 5/8" Ø pipe range
  • CC221   2" to 8 5/8" Ø pipe range
  • CC321   5 1/2" to 12 3/4" Ø pipe range

Product Details


Additional Features

Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

Pipe Cutting Applications - Small diameter pipe cutting - Cold cutting pipe - 1 inch pipe beveler - 2 inch pipe beveler - 3 inch pipe beveler - 4 inch pipe beveler - 5 inch pipe beveler - 6 inch pipe beveler - 8 inch pipe beveler - 10 inch pipe beveler

Axxair Orbital Pipe Saws

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