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MIG Packages

Red-D-Arc carries several MIG packages which come equipped with extras such as drive roll kits, Flometer regulators, ground cables and clamps, and gas hoses

Applications for MIG Welding Packages

The MIG welding process allows for fast travel speeds that increase production rates. Generally, MIG welding requires less operator skill than processes such as TIG and stick welding. This allows for less operator training time. MIG welding is commonly automated which can further increase production rates and reduce the risk of injury by removing the operator from the hazardous welding area. Another advantage of MIG welding is that it can be used to weld a variety of materials. MIG welding requires equipment such as wire feeders, drive rolls, torches, and several other important pieces of equipment. Find MIG packages that include all of this here.

LF72 with DC400
  • Processes: Wirefeeders
  • Solid Wire .023 - 1/16", Cored Wire .030 - 5/64"
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Flux-Cored Wire
  • Arc Force Control, Pinch Control
  • Continuous Output Control

12VS Extreme-Duty with EX300
  • Processes: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • Designed for High-Amperage Applications
  • 12VS Operates on Arc Voltage
  • Excellent Performance for Most Welding Processes

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